Margaret Donaldson–Children’s Minds

I remember a certain lecturer in college told us that this is a book that is well worth reading. In fact this is one of the first books that I bought when I was in college.

It is a book that is short and that is really easy to read and conveys a lot of information in language that is clear and easy to understand. It is a book that, I imagine I’ll dip in and out of this again in the future. Despite being written in the 70s I think a lot of what Donaldson has to say is still relevant today. An excellent read that I would recommend to anyone.

Here is a little taste:

‘What’s the matter, Love? Didn’t he like it at school, then?

They never gave me the present.

Present? What present?

They said they’d give me a present.

Well, now, I’m sure they didn’t

They did! They said: “You’re Laurie Lee, aren’t you? Well just you sit there for the present” I sat there all day but I never got it. I ain’t going back there again.’ (Laurie Lee)

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