For the last week I have been examining weebly as a possible classroom resource for teachers and pupils. After initial failures with the site I found it to be a simplistic and worthy website for teachers and pupils. It is a very attractive site that is well laid out which makes it accessible to all.
When a weebly site is first set up there are several tutorials that are displayed on the navigation page that give you an insight on how to navigate your way through the website.
The weebly system of drag and drop is very attractive and simplistic which was probably the basis on why it was named in the Times top fifty websites of the year. This makes it very accessible for pupils of all ages and abilities. This is a strength of the website, which puts itself ahead of it counterparts in terms of accessible and use.
Additionally the teacher can password protect all their students with one click which makes privacy is major strength of this website.
Furthermore various media can be put on it including, pictures, documents and text. There is an unlimited number of blogs within the website with a full comment moderation feature which has three types of moderation settings. Finally it is FREE and has no advertisement.
However there are some cons to this website. For pupils to fully complete their homework they must give an email address. Does every pupils from 12-18 have an email address and secondly if they do would they be willing to give it to the teacher. This is one possible area that may need modification.
Additionally it’s next to impossible to upload clips straight from YouTube which is a let-down.
And finally not everything in the side bar is available i.e. Audio. The only way it is available if you upgrade to pro which means you have to buy the product then. A shame but other than that this website is excellent and should be recommended to all teachers alike.

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