Critique of Servant Leadership in an educational setting

  • Servant leadership is an excellent mode of leadership that should be widely used in the educational sector as it is ‘committed to the growth of the human beings and will do everything they can do to nurture others.’ This is all well and good and growth is essential to all pupils but unfortunately growth is not assessed in the Irish Educational sector. With the pressure of points and the pressure put on teacher by pupils parents the growth and maturity of pupils takes a passenger seat throughout. Pupils do not get A’s or any points for the level of growth that place throughout their secondary school life. Unfortunately the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert is a rush for grades and points with growth and maturity been irrelevant and left in the wayside.




  • The practice of servant leadership should be certainly promoted in schools as it is a system that as mentioned earlier stimulates maturity, growth and community in the classroom, but does servant leadership truly reflect college life or even business life. I would not entirely believe that every business is as democratic as it would be in a classroom where servant leadership would be practiced. Would pupils be fully prepared for the business world where the main function is to oblige to the interests of the owners and the management? According to Mitch McCrimmon he that it is a structure that misused in business because just  ‘when we need to empower front line knowledge workers to think for themselves and take more ownership, the last thing they need is to be served by their managers.’ Is it that sometimes the best education is education that is achieved by oneself and not education with something constantly peering over your shoulder?



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