Keep history a core subject!!

The new Junior Cert is very much in the spotlight at the moment. As a history this is really worrying and I believe that if history is not a core subject there will be a gradual decline in students taking it up for the LC. 



Totally agree with the article when saying:

Many people still regard history as a dry subject, with wars, dates, treaties and the rest all having to be absorbed and regurgitated, but those days of teaching that kind of history are long, long gone.

Over the years, and now at Junior Cert level, history is bright, modern and very much more concerned with social history. It tells of how people lived, where they lived, clothes they wore, how towns were developed – and all in a very interesting way. History has become, for young students, a bright and innovative subject.


Hope it in the near future will be considered a core subject for the new JC!!



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