Totlol Delivers A Kid-Safe Alternative To YouTube On Web & Mobile


Back in 2008, a startup called Totlol emerged, offering parents a kid-friendly collection of video clips pulled from the YouTube platform on a single destination site. But that company, a one-man show, eventually hit a dead-end and closed up shop. Today, it has returned with new founders who are reviving the brand as well as porting the experience to mobile.

The idea itself is solid enough, though the mobile execution is still a little lacking. As any parent can tell you, YouTube is not a destination you would want your young children to surf unsupervised. In a few clicks, they can go from watching Elmo teaching children about the world around them, to him cursing or ranting at kids in NYC’s Central Park.

In its earlier incarnation, Totlol was trying to solve that problem, by curating a selection of YouTube videos that were more appropriate for younger viewers. But the…

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