Nazi Megastructures

At the moment National Geographic are showing excellent documentaries about the inventions and the extremes Nazi’s went in upholding their power during the early years of the War. 

This episode in which I watched last night was an excellent example how essential it was to control the Atlantic during the War. The U-boats in the early years of the war very much kept the Nazi’s in the front foot.


Nazi U-boats and Nazi u-boat pens especially in L orient were key in defeating the British in the Atlantic. I was absolutely fascinated with the U -boat pens that were built in L orient.




This documentary gives us a insight into the power the Nazi’s had, the raw materials that they invested in to sustain their power.


Also this documentary from Lawrence Oliver gives the viewers an excellent insight into the battle of the Atlantic during the early years of the war. Often people forget that success was essential in the sea for battles to be a success on land.

Really good documentary highlighting this theme.

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