Today in Irish History: 15 December …

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

1761 – John MacNaghten, a gambler, duellist and criminal, is hanged at Strabane jail for his involvement in the killing of Mary Anne Knox, daughter of Andrew Knox MP. At the first attempt to hang him, the rope breaks but, ignoring offers from the crowd to help him make his escape, he declares that he does not wish to be known for ever as ‘half-hung McNaghten’ and asks the hangman to proceed.

1872 – Irish poet, Cillian Howley is born.

1899 – Irish units of the Boer army face the Dublin Fusiliers, Connaught Rangers and the Inniskillings in the Battle of Colenso.

1920 – An Auxiliary officer named Hart killed a boy and a priest, Fr. Magner, in an apparently motiveless attack at Dunmanway, County Cork. He was discharged from ADRIC and declared insane by the British authorities. At 1 p.m., about thirty auxiliary police left Dunmanway, in two Crossley…

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