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Albrecht Durer 1 of a 6 part documentary on the life Albrecht Durer presented by the BBC. Goes through his life, his ideals, his works and his successes. Excellent documentary that can be related to the Renaissance in the Junior Certificate … Continue reading

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Celtic Art–Excellent Video on Celtic Art

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Korean War

Concise and excellent summary documentary on the Korean War that was a pivotal moment for both USA and USSR during the Cold War. Vet clear and concise documentary and short enough to be shown in a class. Very easy to … Continue reading

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Horrible Histories–The Great Plague

Good song for the Black Death that occured during the Middle Ages!!

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Norman Castles

Descriptive video explaining the rise of Norman stone castles and why they replaced old Motte and Bailey Castles. Gives excellent information also about the work required to build such a structure and the detail that went into it to keep … Continue reading

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RTÉ class swap

Really good documentary by rte following the three groups of students and teachers as they sample school life in Finland, Poland and Spain. Gives a really insight into the comparisons between the Irish educational system and that of it’s European … Continue reading

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The Good Samaritan

Intended Learning Outcomes (Knowledge, Understanding, Skills, Attitudes)     The pupils will know the deeper meaning behind the parable of the Good Samaritan.   The pupils will understand Jesus vision of the Kingdom of God through the parable.   The … Continue reading

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